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Start Your Own Boba Tea Business



Achieve Your Goals

10-hours of 1-on-1 time with Kristin via Video Mentoring

Price: ยฃ995 OR ยฃ1,495 with FULL Documentation Pack


Kristin will teach you what you need to know to open your own bubble tea business!

You and Kristin will schedule 5 x 2-hour weekly sessions (or 10 x 1-hour) via Video Chat to discuss anything coming up in your journey of starting or growing your business.


This includes, but is not limited to:


  • A personal Introduction to a UK/European Supplier

  • Unlimited questions about the bubble tea business, highs and lows, etc.

  • Guiding your decisions about branding and your unique style

  • How to find the best location for your business, opinions of the areas, etc.

  • Understanding costs of running a bubble tea shop and ones you didnโ€™t know about

  • How to best reach your target customers

  • Best setup of the shop for ease of flow working, staff stations, storage, etc.

  • Creating a list of essential equipment needed for purchase

  • Support with the hiring process for your first staff members on your team

  • Going through all of the full documentation pack file by file and explaining everything

The time online will also consist of asking as many questions as youโ€™d like about your shop or business related matters.


This includes but is not limited to:


  • How to brew both small and large batches of Tea

  • How to make large batches of Boba

  • How to make award winning Bubble Boba drinks recipes

  • How to open the shop (1.5 hour opening procedures) at the start of the day

  • How to close the shop (close down procedures) at the end of the day

  • How to thoroughly clean for the best chance of getting a 5-star food hygiene rating

  • How to manage your Inventory with creative storage solutions to save you thousands by not hiring a storage space unit

  • How to create a successful stock check of your inventory, including a rotation system so your items wonโ€™t go out of date



Expert Guidance

1-on-1 time with Kristin at your current shop location


Price: ยฃ1,995 (plus travel & accommodation) for 3 full days OR ยฃ2,995 (plus travel & accommodation) for 5 full days


Kristin will travel to your shop location and assist with the following;

this includes but is not limited to:


  • Opening Day - Assisting with the running and any extra activities

  • Training the Staff on drink making procedures including Health & Safety

  • Training the Staff for expert Customer Service (award winning)

  • Working with Management to implement the Full Documentation Packet (available through the website)โ€‹

  • The mock design and/or to assist with the Final Layout of the shop

  • Inventory layout and design to best suit your limited space and save you money instead of renting an additional storage unit

  • Assist with the flow of your procedures of the drink making process to allow for the best flow for staff with efficient quick service

  • Supporting you getting the shop up and running

  • Doing trial runs with free customers to get vital feedback

  • Working side-by-side with current Management and Staff - seeing where there are flaws in any current systems.

  • Making sure the Operations of everything is Running Smoothly.

  • Showing the best locations to put the toppings bar for customer flow

  • Creating a perfect drink-making 'factory line' to make your process efficient with the space available

  • Figuring out the best place to store products and items needed used daily/weekly

  • Helping with the design layout of the customer service and seating areas

  • Building Loyal Customers while creating and implementing a unique loyalty system.



Full Single Day (ยฃ850 Rate) with Bubble Tea Kristin (plusย travel & accommodation)

If you only need a single full day of physical in-person Bubble Tea expertise services, many businesses find this Day Rate invaluable for:


  • Training Staff with New Drinks

  • Training Staff before Opening Day

  • Assisting with Opening Day

  • In-Person Shop Layout Designs

  • Creating a New Drink Menu

  • Showcase/Tasting Session of Drinks to Upper Management (Malls, Leases, etc)

  • Viewing & getting an Opinion on different possible Shop Units

  • Final Set-up Layout of Equipment & Supplies

  • Some people simply want in-person guidance


With years of experience, Kristin has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. She will combine her insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. Kristin will shape and improve how you structure and manage your business.

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