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Our Full Documentation & Recipes Package is the perfect way to get your bubble tea shop up and running right away! This package includes all the documentation on the website that's for sale, and will save you money, time, and headache creating your own recipes and shop documents. With loads of value, this package cuts off years of learning curves and is worth £1,958, but is available for a fraction of the price - just £697. Get your shop up and running with ease and start making money today


Price: £697 (Value: £1,958)


It includes all of the following resources from the website:


Bubble Tea SECRET Recipes, Speciality Drinks, Fresh Mousse, Large Batch Recipes

  • Cheesecake Drinks Recipes
  • Sorbettos Drinks Recipes
  • Special Edition Drinks Recipes
  • Off-The-Menu Drinks Recipes
  • Fresh Pink Himalayian Salted Cream Mousse Recipe
  • Large Batch Recipes for Events & In Store with Notes


Bubble Tea Recipes! Milk Teas, Fruit Teas, Mocktails, etc. Powder/Syrups Recipes

  • The Secret Foundational Recipe for all Milk Teas & Fruit Teas!
  • International & Regional Milk Teas Recipes
  • Fruit Teas Recipes
  • Mocktails Recipes
  • Milks (aka Milkshakes & Thinshakes)
  • Retired Drinks Recipes
  • Bobarista Drink Station Rules
  • Pre Recipes: Boba, Teas, Drink Bases, etc.


Bubble Tea Recipes! Fresh Fruits & Milks - Top Sellers

  • Fresh Fruit Tea Recipes
  • Fresh Fruit Lemonade Tea Recipes
  • Fresh Juice Recipes
  • Fresh Milk Tea Recipes
  • Fresh Slush, Cooler & Smoothie Recipes
  • Prep Recipes for: Boba, Tea, Drink Bases, etc.
  • Bobarista Drink Station Rules
  • Juicing, Measuring & Shaking
  • How to Wash & Store


Bubble Tea Recipes! HOT Winter Drinks Recipes

These Top Selling recipes include but are not limited to OVER 20 different HOT Bubble Tea drinks! Including the world famous HOT Nutella Cheesecake and HOT Liquid Lotus Biscoff!


Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffle Recipe Kit

  • Bubble Boba Waffle Mix Recipe: This is an authentic & original recipe created from popular bubble waffle stands in Hong Kong.
  • Waffle Recipe Measurements
  • How to Bake
  • Waffle Sets used in Bubble Boba


Staff Hiring Docs

  • Zero Hours Contract
  • Confidentiality Contract
  • Employee Contract
  • Employment Statement of Terms
  • Expected Staff Integrity
  • New Employee Starter Form (for accountancy)
  • HMRC Starter Checklist (for accountancy)
  • Dress Code Rules


In-Store Guides for Staff

  • Daily Reports Spreadsheet
  • New Hire Customer Service Script
  • Summary of important Opening Procedures
  • Summary of important Closing Procedures
  • Daily Signature Checklists for staff/management
  • Sunday Night additional Closing Procedures
  • Till EPOS troubleshooting guide for SQUARE


In-Store Management Docs

  • Day/Week Tasks Worksheet
  • Christmas Closing Plan (long periods of closure)
  • Food Allergies notice (to display in shop)
  • Inventory Costs and Pricing spreadsheet
  • Manager & ASM Roles & Responsibilities
  • Photo Consent & Release form (for promotional/advertising campaigns)
  • Inventory Sheet with categories & stock info
  • Risk Assessment for ‘a minor’ working in the shop (under 16 year old)
  • Self Serve Kiosk Note in Mandarine & English
  • Sodium Caseinate info / email reply
  • Storage Grid & Inventory System
  • Checking Inventory In & Out for daily staff
  • Till Log Book, Nightly Deposits Form


Management Docs for Business

  • How to Write Up & Deposit Money
  • Mid-Month Metrics
  • Mid-Month Report
  • Monthly Labour Budget Worksheet
  • New Employee Training Schedule
  • Schedule & Time Management
  • Supervisor Position Role breakdown & description


Interviewing Staff

  • Hiring Email Template for Manager - Rejection
  • Hiring Email Template for Manager - Congratulations
  • Hiring job advert template & ideas
  • How many hours per week - to give at interview
  • Interview Guidelines
  • Interview Questions


Management Docs for Disciplinary Procedures

  • Appraisal Form for staff
  • Disciplinary Write-up form
  • Procedures of Terminating an Employee
  • Letter to an employee for disciplinary meeting - warning
  • Letter to an employee for disciplinary meeting - dismissal
  • End of Probation Period - Dismissal


Management Docs for Catering & Fundraising

  • Catering Guidelines
  • Fundraiser Guideline Email Template
  • Fundraising Engagement Inquiry Email
  • Understanding Student Societies


Management Docs for Personal Improvement

  • Customer Communication Skills
  • How to Effectively Lead a Shift
  • Paid Time Off Policy & application form
  • Schedule & Time Management


Surveys for Staff & Management

  • Customer Survey
  • How to Write Daily Reports
  • Inspection Report from Owner
  • Manager Switch Report
  • Midterm interview for all Staff
  • New Project Report
  • Questions to staff about Manager from Owner





Please note: These are  NOT legal documents, but a VERY in depth outlines for how yours should be. Feel free to use them verbatim, but make sure they're legal in your country, state or county before assuming it will stand up in the court of law

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